Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

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Part Time Classes at The MGA Academy of Performing Arts

“Training for the profession, from the profession…”

Alexander Technique - David Bailey and Nicola Dobiecka

Friday Evening

4.30pm - 6pm

Westfield Campus

Age: 14+

Term Dates: Friday 21st September - Friday 7th December

Holiday - October 19th & 26th

Performance involves movement. High quality performance comes from accurate and effective ideas of how to move. In this class you will learn principles that you can use to improve the way that you move and perform in all aspects of your life.

Each week our professional Alexander Technique Teacher will help you to apply these principles to the things that you would like to do better. That can be anything from walking to sit-ups, to singing, acting or dancing. The choice is yours.

This class is vital for anyone training to be in the profession. It can help you safeguard the wellbeing of your mind and body and is essential for a long term career in the arts. 

Registration is for one full term of 10 weeks September - December. Participation fees are non-refundable. 

Please wear appropriate attire.